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Rhino Ironworks Safes

Rhino Ironworks Safes are one of kind with nothing else in the safe world like them...Anti-tamper Clutch*, Door Organizer, Leather Interior, In four Different sizes.

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Weight 0 lbs
  • Full 60 Minute Rating

Optimized Protection
You need protection that will give you true peace of mind. Rhino safes are optimized to give you the best mix of security and fire protection possible. 

Up to 33% Heavier
One of the simplest ways to compare safes is to compare weights. Heavier safes have more fire protection, thicker steel bodies, or both. For these reasons you will find that Rhino safes are up to 33% heavier than the competition.

Thicker Steel Bodies
The steel body of your safe provides a barrier for flame and smoke and slows the transfer of heat to the interior. Thicker, heavier steel bodies give you a slower heat transfer and provide better security.

  • Patented tungsten carbide drill plate
  • Patent pending industrial rivet design
  • Petent pending internal anti-tamper clutch 
  • Heavy-bodied construction with 11-gauge steel body with 0.385" door edge
    • Laminated 1/4" plate with 10 gauge (0.135") door edge reinforcement
  • 10 gauge (0.135") Corner reinforcements
  • Dished wheel handle
  • External Hinges
  • Fixed doorbolts on hinge side
  • Antiqued and clearcoated (powdercoat)